Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Audio - Three Free Songs! Thunderhead Debut

Audio here,

First of all, I need to thank every one of you guys for the warm welcome back. We have been getting more feedback, and more traffic than ever. And it's all thanks to you. :)

All right, gushing aside, I have some awesome stuff to offer to you fine readers. Now, think way way back to when i said i was setting up new production software, and would have new Drum and Bass soon? Well, eventually, I deliver. This is Thunderhead Drum and Bass.

I have here, my FREE three track EP, "Frozen Dreams":
Or each individually, on my Soundcloud page:

So i thought i might give a quick run-down of the tracks. (If you want me to actually de-construct them, drop us a comment or e-mail, and if enough people want it I'll do a tutorial sort of post.)

Track 1: Humility (Intro)

This song was rather spontaneous, I wrote it the morning i was going to release the other two tracks. It was a chilly autumn morning, and I was  feeling simple, melancholy, and cold. To add to the vibe of "Frozen Dreams", I composed this atmospheric, minimalistic piece of music. Relaxing chords, and interesting percussion; in this way I sought to 'refresh the mind' of the listener, and go into the rest of the EP with an open mind.

Track 2: Frozen Dreams

The title track of the EP, Frozen Dreams is what really steered the direction of the EP. Before this tune I wasn't quite sure where I was going to take the Thunderhead project. I tried a few neurofunk, dubstep, liquid, jungle, and soundtrack tunes, before finally getting on a roll when I downloaded the London Elektricity sample pack, and started crafting Frozen Dreams. Ironically enough, there are very few samples from that pack in the song Frozen Dreams, but it still felt as if it was the catalyst.

Track 3: Sun Dog

This ended up being my favourite song of the EP, so it felt only natural to place it at the end. I love liquid drum and bass. Period. This song feels like a song I would have listened to two years ago and would smile and dance, and wish to be making music like this. 'Nuff said. Killer tune.

In addition to all of this, Sun Dog was recently featured on Weekend Confirmed Podcast: Episode #81, and met with high praise and regard. I couldn't be more happy, this is my favourite video game podcast, and have been listening for years. If anyone is interested in using or featuring these tracks anywhere, just drop an email to me at audiovisua@gmail.com, and i would be happy to talk to you.

Go ahead and pick up the podcast, if you like Video Games and Thunderhead DNB
Weekend Confirmed #81

In the near future, you can expect 30 minute DJ mixes from myself, Thunderhead, available for free download, right here on AudioVisua Productions. And as always, drop a comment, and email, whatever you like. I'm super stoked to be releasing this EP, and I would love it if you all picked it up. Come on, the thing is free.



  1. finally..... :')

  2. I downloaded it and dude, you're amazing!

  3. i think its pretty awesome you're giving these away for free. I could see paying a few bucks for that EP :)

  4. well i hope there will be more!

  5. its pretty good. you should make some dubstep, tho