Friday, 22 April 2011

Audio: 10 Songs I'm Listening To

Audio here,

                    So someone recently requested that I do a post about my top ten bands, and i figured i would take this to heart. Problem is, when i started thinking about this, i realized this was a hard question. I go through phases like anyone, and my top ten bands this week will probably be different from next week, or last week. But I still did really want to share what i was listening to with you guys, so I decided to put my iPod on shuffle, and talk about the first 10 songs to pop up. I've made an effort to take whatever song is given to me, no matter how much i may want to change it.

#1: Deep Purple - Lazy

Haha, to be honest i was a little surprised this was the first one. I do love this song, with a solid 3 minute organ solo at the beginning, this track totally conveys everything I love about Deep Purple. Most people know them for "Smoke On The Water", but if you start to delve into their other stuff, you can quickly see that this band is talented, weird, and fun. This song reminds me of a vacation I took two years ago with my good buddy (the guitar player from my punk band), and we spent the time sleeping in hammocks, hitting on the local girls, and playing Deep Purple way too loudly in our cabin. Good times.
#2: The Prodigy - Thunder
Honestly, I'm very pleased my iPod decided to be nice to me. I love this track. I mean, L-O-V-E. I want to marry it. This was probably one of the first real electronic tracks I listened to that i 'got'. Everything from the ominous vocal intro, to the lovely synthesized drum kit and chorus of "Thunder! Thunder!", this track blew my mind the first time i stumbled across it, in the 9th grade. If you haven't heard it, please do so now. Listen to "Thunder" here.

#3: Jimi Hendrix - Mr. Bad Luck
For those of you who know their Hendrix, you'll know that this track is off his relatively recent album "Valleys Of Neptune", that is comprised of unreleased tracks that were caught up in legal dispute between Hendrix's estate and his record company. Regardless, this album is a surprising medley of original and cover tracks that are sure to impress any fan of Hendrix. This particular track is one of my favourites off the album, mostly for the silly lyrics.  :p
#4: Gorillaz - We Are Happy Landfill
The Gorrilaz and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. It's true that I own every one of their songs, but at times, i just can't stand the music. Creepy, atmospheric, eccentric, brooding, electronic, esoteric, experimental, odd, perplexing, catchy, joyous, and moving. At times i would use all of these words to describe a single song of the Gorrilaz, because even though I may not always be in the mood, their songs have a lot to tell if you just give them some patience, and open your mind.

#5: The Locust - Your Mantel Disguised As A      Psychic Sasquatch   
Ok, this is where i may loose a lot of you. If you haven't heard of The Locust, i suggest you do check them out, if only in scientific curiosity. I'm not sure how to explain this band, but if I had to try i would say that their a seemingly-random cacaphone of electric barbed wired served in a politically ironic soup of screams and growls during a fever dream. I really love their stuff. I couldn't find this track uploaded anywhere, so I had to do it myself. Just, listen to the track and leave me alone, ok?
#6: Datsik - Retreat
Yeah, I know, it's shocking, the Drum and Bass guy also listens to Dubstep. Gimme a break ok? He's from Canada, and this track is awesome. Personally i love politically-charging music, and I didn't think you could to this to Dubstep, but Datsik did it. It's really a killer track, and i suggest you all give it a listen sometime. A nice little trivia, the opening sound clip to "Retreat" is also used in "Teenage Bomb Threat", by my punk band 'Raptor Strike!', and we do have a forthcoming 7" record being mixed as we speak, if you're interested.
#7: Duke Ellington - Stepping Into Swing Society
For those of you who really know me, you'll know that I also love Jazz. Duke Ellington is the grandfather of most be-bop, swing, and Jazz that came after him. You don't have to be a big jazz fan to really appreciate his music, as at one time this was the mainstream, top 40 music. You just have to have a bit of an open mind about music outside of electronic beeps and whistles. Coincidentally, I play trombone in a Jazz band that is currently recording an album as well, and that could be expected some time around June.

#8: The Casualties - Riot
As I've already eluded to in this article, I have a soft spot (or a hard, badass spot) for punk, and especially hardcore punk. The Casualties are looked at by mixed views in the punk community, because their sound and style is completely representative of the direction of modern hardcore punk, but they did sort of sell out. Their songs got less thrashy, their lyrics had less political messages, and they started actually making money. Personally, I think some of their old stuff often gets overshadowed by the drama of the whole "sellout" question, and is actually really worth a listen to.

#9: The Pixies - All Over The World
Well, the funny story about me and The Pixies is that not only was I introduced to them by our very own Visua, but it took me about three tries to like them. It sounds weird, but I honestly tried to listen to them two times, trying so hard to like them, and couldn't do it. But finally, I took the plunge and borrowed two of their CD's from Visua and listened to them over, and over, and over. The Pixies aren't for everyone, hell, i wouldn't even say their for most. But if you want to try good rhythmic, catchy, melodic, interesting, and intelligent pre-indie rock with a touch of early Punk and Alt rock, then I would recommend The Pixies for you.

#10: Cecil Taylor - Conquistador (Part 2)
Oh, iPod, you have been good to me today. If you had to ask me who my most influential person to me is, right now i would answer Cecil Taylor. His music if for very few. You won't like it. I can tell you that right now. But if your feeling like some drastically different free-jazz, then follow the link... If you dare. Go ahead, try to like it.  

Well there you have it folks, I let you all into my personal iPod for just ten songs. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you have questions? Did you discover a new love? Could you actually see why i love Cecil Taylor? Or stomach The Locust? I want to know guys, so drop me a comment, or send us an email,




  1. Your list is very broad genre-wise and yet it perfectly fits my music taste. I guess It's hard for You to answer the question "what kind of music do you like".
    Big ups specially for Ellington - more people should listen to classics like that.

  2. I'm very glad to hear-or read more like- that one more person has a good taste in music. I mean, I know I probably don't, most people say a majority of the music I listen to is annoying, but I do know good music and music that is to be respected.

  3. You earn tons of brownie points for including Duke Ellington. But damn, that's a wide variety of music, I can tell you have some good taste.

  4. I saw Gorillaz in Chicago, Great show!

  5. great suggestions, i gotta admit i stopped listening to prodigy, but that track is indeed quite good!

  6. Have not heard the Pixies in years thanks man!

  7. These are great songs!
    interesting post! i'm following your blog for some time, could you please follow mine?

  8. Just the album covers themselves bring back memories.

  9. Some really good songs there. ^^ Cool post!

  10. Good list! The Prodigy is my absolute favorite group ever. +Follow

  11. Like your taste in music!
    Fire Starter is my favorite from the Prodigy

  12. Listened to The Prodigy - Thunder yesterday on a motorcycle ride. Good times :D

  13. this is such a neat post! do one of your top 10 songs in general