Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Visua: News Update on the Hobbit!

Hey readers, big news!

All you Tolkein and Jackson fans who have been awaiting the next big addition to the Lord of the Rings series....well, the prequel, The Hobbit (Part 1) (2012) that began filming recently is making film history! Director Peter Jackson has announced that he is shooting The Hobbit at 48 frames per second instead of regular 24fps used for 9 decades in the art of film!

Film purists will not take to this happily, but Jackson states that audiences will "get used to it quickly" and that it may bring forth a "much more lifelike and comfortable viewing experience". By his technical knowledge this will also make films "easier to watch, especially in 3D".

Later he addresses the difference between 24fps and 48fps as "significant", similarly to the difference between vinyl and digital CD's. Warner Bros. is positively supporting Jackson's position in this potential technological evolution of film.

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-Visua, AudiVisua Productions

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  1. That's cool idea, i'm excited to see how it looks exactly.