Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Visua: Discussion - Is 3D a good thing or a bad thing?

Hey guys it's Visua here,

If any of you are like me you would love seeing movies in theater when a good looking new flick makes it way to the big screen. As the film industry grows with each year, we as viewers begin to notice a trend catching on with every new blockbuster that comes out; they all in 3D.

Being viewers, we all know there are pros and cons to watching films in 3D.

A different experience. Every now and then we love to have something feel like it is chucked right as us from the screen.
New possibilities. Sometimes filmmakers can do some really creative things with 3D, adding a whole new dynamic to certain sequences.
It's an idea that filmmakers have been wanting for decades. Although the 3D we have isn't perfect, it's a stepping stone to a potential way of seeing movies so it might be easier to get into the director's head (debatable).

Nobody likes to wear special glasses. I mean we don't pay good money to go put those silly glasses on. I don't know if you have ever walked into a theater near the beginning of a 3D movie and you see the whole audience as you scout out a seat, everybody looks like a dumb-ass with their "special glasses" gazing at the screen. Try putting those special glasses over real glasses. Not fun.
It makes people sick. I've heard stories of motion sickness, but another big thing is headaches. Some people have actually had migraines.
It's distracting. Sometimes I miss just the plain old 2D so I can grasp the emotional factor of the film more. 3D doesn't have a direct way of contributing positively to the understanding of the storytelling.

3D viewing is becoming more and more common for some reason but how could it if receives such mixed feelings from the masses? Right now I want to get at why more and more films are implementing it.
One easy reason is money which i'm sure anyone could have guessed. It's a fad! An that isn't a debatable point because now TV and video games are starting to get in on it. Even youtube! For some reason there is actually money being made off this stuff where I personally don't understand because 3D is so insignificant to me. But that's business; money money money.
Now the second reason, which I actually support, is a technical reason that filmmakers took seriously. The amount of movies being torrented and watched online is growing fast, so the movie industry has to backlash because this is ruining them. Having movies filmed by 3D cameras, or made 3D in post-production prevents douchebags with cameras from filming the big screen. Cam-version are always the first movie torrents to be up for download soon after a movie's release, but if its footage by someone who filmed a 3D movie, things might not look so good. A pretty smart move on Hollywood's behalf, making things more visually complex so consumer cameras will not take advantage of them. Bravo.

As a film connoisseur, 3D isn't a big deal to me, storytelling is where it's all at. I'd prefer if it didn't exist but if it's done right then I'd be up for it. I want you guys to ask yourself if you like 3D or not. If you do then great! You'll probably see much more of it in the future! If you don't....STOP TORRENTING! 

Tell me your thoughts on this subject.

-Visua, AudioVisua Productions


  1. It's cool and all. I hate how much it costs. I mean really I don't want to play 12 bucks to get in. It's not going to improve the plot or any thing.

  2. 3d should just be used for movies that WANT to be in 3d they should stop slapping it on everything like they do now

  3. It's fun for 30 mins, then I just don't notice

  4. I think 3D works for some films, but it is lately way overused and is distracting from the action/story.

  5. I dont think it's terribly important, but I do think it's hear to stay.

  6. I love most of the 3D movies that have come out recently!

  7. I love the depth that 3d allows. I read the Wired article about the Avatar's productions and it's crazy what's going to happen. Also Cameron's studio is the most state of the art piece of technology in film making...

  8. It's kind of like the new 3ds. My friend and I got one and I usually put my 3ds on full blast 3d because I love the depth it really gives video games (I think the same can be said about most movies). My friend usually puts them at a lower level or off entirely because he says he can't even really see the 3d effects most of the time.

    I think when it comes to the movies, it can be a good idea in some respects. Action movies, sci-fi movies...It really adds a bit more impact when an explosion or a laser gets thrown at you.

    Though if they put a romantic comedy in 3d...that might be a bit over the top.