Thursday, 14 April 2011

Visua: A behind the Scenes Look at the Filming of The Hobbit!

Hey guys!

I don't mean to specialize only on matters to do with the upcoming motion picture "The Hobbit", but this is something I just had to share!

Director Peter Jackson gives us a tour of the sets, technology and experience during the beginning of this new 3-year journey of filming the Hobbit (parts I and II). I was really excited to be brought back into the Lord of the Rings style surroundings and by seeing them with a whole new perspective!

After watching this I'm 10x more excited! Plus it's kind of nice to see how cool of a guy Peter Jackson is.

What are your thoughts on this!

-Visua, AudioVisua Productions


  1. Man I hope its just not as long and drawn out as the first three movies. They were too long for me.