Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Audio & Visua - We're Back!

Audio and Visua here,

It's been a while. We know that, you know that. Firstly we would like to apologize for the extended absence, Visua had a rough time managing the blog solo while I (Audio) was in china, and ever since I returned there was a bit of a downwards spiral of business, and it resulted in the informal closure of the blog.

This does not mean we weren't busy. Visua created and finished a short film while I was away which was recently screen in the Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF), and has just been accepted into the Michigan Film Festival. As for myself, I created a new DnB alias (Thunderhead) for my Liquid DnB projects using Logic 9, (yes, i finally sorted that whole thing out) and have already completed a three-track EP under this name.

We also thought it courteous to re-launch the blogs design, to start fresh in all sorts of ways.

So in the next little while, you can expect:
                                                                                - Free downloads off my new EP, "Frozen Dreams"
                                                                                - News concerning Visua's short film
                                                                                - Free 30 min DJ mixes from Audio 
                                                                                - More film and music reveiws
                                                                                - Off-topic columns
                                                                                - News on our upcoming projects.

We appreciate all of your kindness and courtesy over these events.



  1. glad to have you guys back

  2. i want that EP! and the mixes....and the short film....

    hurry up! =D