Monday, 9 May 2011

Audio: Brand New Original Dubstep! + Important Notice From Audio

Audio here,
                    I know I've been teasing you guys with the promise of a new DnB tune, but as you might know, I've been in in the process of setting up new software, a new DJ rig, and making arrangements for an upcoming trip of mine. To tell the truth, I'm currently trying to upgrade to Logic 9, but things haven;t been going smoothly.

But enough jibber-jabber! During my process of creating this new DnB track, I felt like experimenting with a little Dubstep, and ended up finishing the Dubstep before the DnB! So the good news is that my new project, 'Two-Thirds Omega' is officially underway, with an experimental Dubstep tune I'm going to share with you right now, and a DnB song almost finished, waiting in the wings. Expect a lot more original music coming from me in the coming months.

I do have one more important announcement, I will be away for three weeks starting tomorrow (May 10th) because I'm flying to China to train Kung-Fu with the Shaolin monks. I've been doing martial arts nearly all my life, and I'm nearing my Kung-Fu black belt test, and it's a well known rite of passage for a Kung-Fu student to visit the birth place of Kung-Fu and bring back techniques and secrets for his/her school. This does mean that I will not be posting any blog entries whatsoever until June 1, as I will be devoting this trip solely for my training. I appreciate your understanding.



  1. Holy fuck are you serious? I don't like dubstep so I didn't listen to the songs you posted,, I have great respect for you. I truly mean this.

  2. This. Is Awesome. Where can I download this, so I can blast it at work??

  3. Damn this kicks ass, nice work.

  4. Dude I love it! It's technical and dark - just as I like it.

  5. That's pretty sick, real grimy.

  6. Where can i see your latest work?