Thursday, 5 May 2011

Visua: Thor Opening

Hey guys!

Thor is coming out tomorrow, and by then I should have a review. I honestly don't know what to expect because the trailers didn't make it seem all that great, but the first views are out and they have given pretty decent reviews. I think Chris Hemsworth was a great choice for the role and I can't wait to see Natalie Portman as Jane Foster.

I hear there is something after the credits, so watch for that!

Do you think it will be good?

-Visua, AudioVisua Productions


  1. Fuck yes it will be good! Actually I don't know.. all I know is that I love superhero movies, that this summer is full of them and that I'm super hyped for the Avengers next year. Thor, Captain America, and then we're there.
    If the world does end in 2012, at least I will have died seeing that movie. Oh, and the Dark Knight Rises.

  2. I might check this movie out.

    Definitely an interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

    Keep 'em coming as always :)

  3. The director is what is going to make this a watchable film, IMO. he is a Shakespeare aficionado so you can expect an action hero movie with solid character development that you don't normally get from popcorn munchers like these. I can't wait!

  4. Yayayayayayay! Can't wait to see it.